We live & work together

We are an Art Direction Studio based in Modena, crafting printed and digital projects for corporate communication.

Tape It! Tape it!
The tape, two reels. Back and forth. Forward towards exploration and creation. Back to observe the universe of memory.
We are a studio based in Modena. We feed on visual culture. We offer different kinds of output by modulating different designs, graphics, images, words and (social) media. We record fantasies and spread positivity. For us communication is a sleight of hand that enriches the imagination of the beholder. Yes, we like to play.

Sometimes our studio turns out as a gallery, where we host contemporary art and photography exhibitions, music performances.

Check out our blog to know more Check out our blog to know more

Some of the artists we’ve hosted in our Studio.

  • Nicolò Faietti – Exhibit
  • Nicholas Perra – Exhibit
  • Idoutore / Crisi Plastica / marci_torna – Exhibit
  • Andrea Mi — Dj Set