Nicholas Perra — Outer Preview

September 8th, 2019
Studio Vetusta, Gate 26A, Studio OM — Carteria /S.Eufemia, Modena
By its very nature, the monotype is a printing process that does not allow the subject to be replicated. Beyond the technical aspects, studying monotype means deepening the concept of uniqueness, not only as regards the result, but also for the processes that led to the creation of the print.

it is in this close relationship between artist and work that Nicholas Perra intends to place his art productions, continuing a constant dialogue started with the first engraving studies, in which the creation of the print is in fact a first answer to the question generated by the processing of the image on the matrix and the sensations of the beholder are a further unique and extremely subjective approach.

Printing is the answer to the question generated by the processing of an image on the matrix

Nicholas Perra

A perfect autopoietic system in which the protagonist is at first the only artist, in the choice of themes largely related to nature and its forms. From here on, the printing process intervenes, which interprets in an unpredictable way the limits imposed by the artist’s hand and rationality, summarizing the concept to the extreme and concentrating it in a deep black / white contrast. If up to now the artist and the press enter into perfect symbiosis, making one exist thanks to the other, it is however the unpredictable and curious intervention of the sensitive observer to seal, with a proper and instantaneous interpretation, the relationship between the artist and his work.

A declaration of freedom, the reply of which is definitive only until the next printing.

A Associazione Culturale Outer APS production

Curated by Alberto Bello & Gloria Pizzi

Matteo Serri – Studio Vetusta
Davide Sabattini, Luca Monzani, Luca Alboresi, Emma Allù – Gate 26A
Alessandro Formigoni, Alice Matteini, Silvia Cavalieri – Studio OM
Slanzi Pub & Vinyl
Andrea Mi

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